Nota Bene

Parents must pick-up their children within 30 minutes of closing.
A grace period of 30 minutes is given after which a late pick up
fee will be charged every 30 minutes per child.
This also applies to after school care programmes.


LLM School Security - It's beyond a duty of care. Security in our school will always remain high on the agenda. We place the highest priority on the safety and security of our children and Staff. Cameras monitor all the class rooms, play grounds, pool area, security post etc, to complement the security guards. In addition, assess control system has been put in place for extra security measures.


Children’s birthdays are celebrated moderately with the traditional Montessori Birthday walk. If you choose to celebrate your child’s birthday in school, please note that the under listed are permitted by the school:

• Cake
• Packed juice
• Snacks
• Party packs can only contain books, stationaries or other educational materials.

The child is allowed to come to school in mufti if / he or she wishes. These edibles are not to be consumed in school by the children. parents consent is required. So we request you include a pack of foil paper for packaging. Please note that candies, Toys and bubble gums are not allowed.


School uniform is mandatory for children from 3 years upwards. Parents are expected to comply with the details required in order to maintain standards. No jewelry of any type is allowed in school except studded or small ear-rings with lock for girls. All items of clothing and shoes must be marked legibly with child's name to avoid mix-up when children change for activities. Children in the infant and toddler classes do not wear uniforms. They should wear comfortable clothes. Please not that shoes with laces are not allowed for this age group.

School Lunch

Lunch is available in the school from a food vendor who has been tested and trusted. Children whose parents have signed up for school Lunch will be served freshly prepared nutritious meals at lunch time.


We keep a continuous record of the child's progress at school. Reports which covers the child's progress in developmental areas and also academic work is sent to parent every term. Parent/ Teachers conference day is also held once every term where reports on the child's progress and overall development are shared with parents. Any parent who misses this opportunity can re schedule with the front desk personnel for another convenient time to meet your child’s class teacher.

Religious Teaching

LLM School is a Christian school where children are taught in line with the values and tenets of Christianity. We welcome children of other faith. however, Our Christian values will be upheld at all times.


We’re surrounded these days with debates about how to fix the nations educational system and yet right here at Learning Ladder Montessori School, we have a programme that works beautifully for children and indeed could serve as a model of how to do it right. The recipe is really rather simple, so let’s give this method of learning a try and ignite the love learning in your child.