Art and Craft to a large extent is a practical oriented subject and very important to the development of the child both physically and mentally. Learning Ladder Montessori School has taken time to create a conducive and well equipped art room for proper learning and also a well-trained art teacher to instill and guide pupils towards achieving a creative mind.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

The importance of ICT in the education of children of this age cannot be overemphasized. Information and communication Technology enables children to research the information they need and to organize their findings accordingly. It is essential that children become increasingly responsible for their own learning as they progress through the school system. At LLM, ICT is not only taught as a subject but incorporated into all other curriculum areas. Our facilities include a fully equipped ICT laboratory with individualized computer and full internet security control. This affords children the opportunity to research and practice other educational programmes and hone their computer skills under a supervised environment.

Exploratory Laboratory

That the global trend is on scientific and technological advancement is no longer news. Science makes the world comfortable as it provides solution to most life’s problem.
At LLM , the study of science is given its due attention with a well-stocked exploration laboratory where volumetric analysis and other scientific experiment are carried out by pupils. Children are exposed to physical knowledge of fields like optics, magnetism, electricity where they are taught the basic tools of discovery. Indeed we are blazing the trail in scientific adventure.


At LLM we believe in the all-round development of the child and we do not relegate the creative abilities of children to the background. Music is taught in our fully equipped and comfortable music room. Our Children have the added advantage of mastering the use of specific musical instruments of their choice.
The instruments includes:
• Keyboard
• Guitar
• Violin
• Recorder
• Clarinet
• Drums
• Saxophone
• Trumpet